About Us

Solfeggio frequencies assist the energetic etheric body to balance the chakras.

Our Health Mission

My mission is to bring these phenomenal frequencies to you. Empowering each of you with a choice and options to experience something other than just a massage or bodywork. To empower each individual in their own journey of optimum health of spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental levels. To open the possibilities of releasing emotional and spiritual energy as it affects the physical.

Tibetan singing bowls uses sound vibration to assist the physical body and muscles to relax.

Experience and Professionalism

 Licensed Massage Therapist since 2004 

(MA 40911, MM 15630)

Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher since 2010

Advanced SomaTuner Teacher since 2013


Chakra stones along with sound forks help  balance the chakras.

My Journey

 Have been working with vibrational sound therapy for over 13 years. Once introduced to SomaEnergetics (TM) it took less than 4 months to go from student to Phase 1 teacher.  As SomaEnergetics(TM) has evolved, I have also evolved with continuing advancement  and education from SomaEnergetics(TM) going from Teacher, to Master Teacher Phase 3, to Advanced SomaTeacher. 


 This information describes complimentary health techniques that may help to facilitate the rejuvenation of one’s mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. We do not diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions, impairments, or diseases. As always, in the event of any symptoms described herein, seek the advice of a professional health practitioner.